The Neuro/Stroke Rehabilitation Program at Highland Care Center has been designed specifically for individuals who are recovering from a stroke or other traumatic brain injury.  Our goal is to help you recover as much functionality as possible and improve your physical and cognitive status so you can return home as quickly and safely as possible.

First step is to design a ‘CUSTOMIZED’ treatment plan based on your needs and abilities which will teach you how to move correctly again.  Prior to admission, the Interdisciplinary Team (therapists, nurses, social workers and other related health professionals) will review the clinical information provided by your acute care facility in order to familiarize the team with the clinical care you received prior to transfer to Highland Care and the recommendations of the acute care physicians and therapists.  During your first few day at Highland Care Center, members of the Interdisciplinary Team, led by a board-certified physician, will assess your current level of functioning, discuss your current physical & cognitive status with you and your family (as permitted) and ask you to define YOUR GOALS (ambulate a designated distance, climb steps, drive a car).   Based on this discussion, a plan of care will be developed, which will include a full range of neurological recovery and brain injury rehabilitative services (based on your health history, medical needs and outcome goals) so that the team can work closely with you in order to achieve those goals.


 Our ‘NeuroStar’ program features an intensive therapy program, as well as the latest equipment and modalities to improve your function and performance.  These include:

  • Therapy up to seven days per week
  • State of the Art Therapy Room
  • Strength-building and mobility equipment (treadmill, bike, arm bike, SciFit and gym balls)
  • Ultrasound, E-stim and short-wave diathermy treatments that enhance recovery by helping to relax and heal muscles, as well as alleviate pain and stiffness.
  • Balance machine to identify balance related issues, develop interventions and monitor progress to improve your balance
  • Medication Management, cognitive retraining and psychological consultations to provide motivation, address anxiety, depression and other side effects of stroke.
  • A highly skilled team of licensed therapists and nursing staff certified in post-acute care protocols and practices.
  • Licensed nurses who provide care and services 24 hours a day
  • Case management and discharge planing to coordinate our treatment plan and ensure a smooth transition to home.

‘NeuroStar’ allows our patients to receive comprehensive coordinated care, education and the tools needed to restore the skills necessary to return home.

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