Highland Care Center
Holistic Wellness Program

Holistic Wellness Program Catalogue

Mind & body interventions

Medications | Support Groups Relaxation Skill Classes | Chair Yoga Meditation | Aromatherapy | Guided Imagery

Energy therapies

Ultrasonic Energy | Electromagnetic Energy | Reiki | Music Therapy | Sound | Light

Physical manipulation

Physical Rehabilitation | Physiotherapy | Hand Massage Therapy

Social opportunities

Socialization with peers

Seek counsel

NA/AA Supportive Group Meeting | Psychology | Psychiatry | Adjustment Disorders | Homelessness | Life Changing Events

Fostering Nurturing Relationships

Letting go of guilt or grief associated with family or long-time friends


Nutritional Evaluation | Encourage Fresh Fruits | Lean Proteins | Veggies | and Healthy Grains | IV Vitamin Drips


Gardening | Chair Yoga | Chair Zumba

Focus on sleep

Lights out | Daytime Rest Periods | Bed time-dimming of lights | Aromatherapy

Practice faith

Provide greater access to faith leaders in person and remotely

Mindful practices

Spiritual Rejuvenation | Sunshine | Fresh Air

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